Welcome to Denver, Colorado!

We were named the Best City to Live in the country by US News & World Report, and the Denver Journal has reported that this city one of the best for building wealth, and this is directly related to the thriving real estate market in this beautiful and progressive city. In the Metro Denver area you will find many safe, clean, and lovely neighborhoods, and we also have a strong school system. In fact, many of our schools have received perfect ten out of ten ratings on GreatSchools.org. We have museums, galleries, boutique and big name retailer shopping, world class restaurants, major league sports, fun breweries and nightlife, historical sites, and countless other entertainment options. Our mild winter weather, incredible mountain vistas, and gorgeous lake and river areas make us the an in-demand destination for adventure sports like off-roading, dog sledding, ATVing, backpacking, ziplining, skydiving, skiing, kayaking, white water rafting, rock climbing, and so much more. You will never run out of things to do here, and I can tell you anything you need to know about the city to choose a place that will be right for your lifestyle.

I am Robert Davis, and I am a member of the RE/MAX Alliance team. As a full-service REALTOR® with a strong and proven track record of getting my clients the results they are looking for, I’d like you to consider me to be a trusted partner who will be there for you whenever you need me. I will protect your interests and your investment as though they were my own. I’d like to learn more about what you will require in your next house, and I will do whatever it takes to find you exactly what you have in mind. I focus on Denver and the surrounding communities, and I am proud to count Boulder area business owners among my clients as well. I appreciate how important it is to get just the right fit when you are making a serious financial commitment like investing in real estate. After a successful 38-year career as a commercial banker, my knowledge of finances goes beyond that of a typical agent. I will be able to give you extra insight into this area that will help to make your endeavor a profitable one.

You’ll appreciate the variety of real estate that is available here today, and you will find listings in just about any architectural style that you desire, from charming Victorian era homes that have been renovated to include today’s modern amenities to stylish Mid-Century Modern ranchers to sleek and modern new construction with walls of windows. Many of these homes are close to our fantastic public transportation options, like light rail stations and bus stops, and you will also find options with breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains and the city skyline. If you are buying here, let me provide you with the information you’ll need to find the perfect home. If you are leaving the area or you need to upgrade or downgrade your existing property, call me to schedule your free home assessment. I will come to your house and inspect its structure and amenities to determine the price that is right for the market so you can have an efficient, stress-free, and profitable transaction. Let’s meet so we can discuss your goals here, and I will create a customized plan that is tailored to your needs. To learn more, please get in touch with me today.